Vacuum Blower and Water Pump Maintenance information

In addition to oil changes, there are also important things you must keep an eye. One such thing is the vacuum inlet filters: in most all manuals it instructs the user to clean the collection basket after each job, and to clean the inlet filter screens as frequently as every day. This simple task ensures that there is not excess debris build up that, if left untended to, will put extra stress on the blower, engine, shaft (for direct drive units) couplers ,and drive belts. You’d feel really disappointed in yourself (to put it lightly) if you racked up a $2,000+ bill because of your lack of doing something as simple as cleaning your filters. Also, it is a good idea to check the vacuum relief valve periodically to make sure the pressure doesn’t exceed 12 – 14’ Hg (depending on your machine) and lubricate the relief valve shaft.

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