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Stone Guardian is the best protection for stone and grout you can buy.

New advanced fluorochemical formulation protects your stone, grout, and masonry from both oil and water based stains.



  1. Protect baseboards, furniture, and adjacent areas to avoid application to surfaces not intended for treatment.
  2. Liberally apply an even coat of sealer to surface with sprayer, brush, roller, or mop.
  3. Allow 15 minute dwell time for penetration.  Redistribute excess solution over surface to assure even penetration during this period.
  4. Porous, absorbent surface may need a second coat which should be applied 15 minutes after initial application.
  5. 30 minutes after final application wipe entire surface with a towel dampened with sealer to level and remove excess solution.
  6. Full protection level is reached in 72 hours, however foot traffic may resume 6 hours after final application.


NOTE: Always test in small inconspicuous area and allow 24 hours dwell time to validate that treatment is appropriate for surface.


Tools may be cleaned with water immediately following application.


Coverage will vary from 200 to 1500 square feet depending on porosity of stone.